Letters to the Editor

Politically correct

I agree wholeheartedly with Richard Greene’s editorial regarding the overuse of the politically correct “happy holidays.”

However, while Richard raises a number of good points, he does not tackle the 800-pound gorilla sitting clearly in the middle of the room.

What organization or group of people has the political and financial muscle to influence political parties, businesses and individuals to use the words “happy holidays” over “merry Christmas”?

As he points out, now that Thanksgiving is over, the only other holiday at this time of year is Hanukkah.

Dare I ask my Jewish brothers and sisters what their issue is with what Christmas stands for and why is it so important that the term “happy holidays” be utilized over the words “merry Christmas”?

To me, wishing someone a merry Christmas does not denigrate Hanukkah in any way but is an expression of love, compassion and peace that applies to all people and which cannot be expressed by the generic “happy holidays.”

— Mike Morgan, Colleyville