Letters to the Editor

The rule of law

Barack Obama’s decision to let 5 million immigrants stay illegally was a slap in the face to every immigrant who came to this country legally and followed, or is still following, the proper channels to become a citizen.

Do people still not get that the emphasis isn’t immigration but legality?

When it comes to immigration there are two very distinct groups of immigrants: those here legally and those here illegally.

Immigrants built this country and have contributed greatly but they all obeyed the law.

Obama just ignored those who obey the law to support those who break it.

His excuse is that parents should not be separated from their children. Maybe the parents should have thought of that before they committed their crime.

So what next? If there are murderers and rapists in prison who have children, is he going to just unlock the prison doors so they won’t be separated?

But what truly blows my mind is that there are still those who think Obama does anything for anyone other than himself. He is just buying votes for his hand-picked successor in power who he can control.

After Kennedy, a vote for the Democratic party became a vote for American’s destruction.

— Chrysanne Mason, Euless