Letters to the Editor

Common sense law

It was good to read the Star-Telegram’s support for a ban on texting while driving (“Ban on texting while driving is common sense, Friday).

The headline is certainly appropriate. Gov. Perry’s 2011 veto of Rep. Craddick’s bill was anything but sensible.

We know lobby interests can and do influence passage or defeat of legislation. But what special interest could have influenced the governor to veto legislation that would save lives?

Perry’s excuse that the state would be “micromanaging” our driving habits makes no common sense at all. And his successor, Gov.-elect Abbott, apparently has as little common sense.

Too bad that these two otherwise good Texas conservatives have chosen to carry the issue to the realm of stupidity.

Is this the way for Republicans to curry support?

We have laws regarding DWI. Texting while driving is even worse because the driver is knowingly creating a potential wreck with another vehicle or running over a pedestrian.

The drunk, at least, is looking through the windshield!

— Joseph Klein, Fort Worth