Letters to the Editor

What makes sense

Site-based principals, teachers and parents are in the best position to determine how the Fort Worth school district bond money should be spent to improve buildings and facilities.

As one who voted for this bond, I have no problem with common-sense reallocations.

Artificial-turf practice fields at high schools would have the greatest positive impact on the greatest number of students. That is why those fields have already been installed by well-funded booster clubs at Paschal and Arlington Heights.

These fields can be used not only by the football program, but also for soccer and marching band.

The public needs to understand the challenges of maintaining natural-turf fields in drought-plagued Texas, much of which is done by the coaches themselves. Dry, rutted fields are dangerous.

Varsity games are played on artificial turf. We need parity in campus facilities for athletes and musicians.

Interim Superintendent Pat Linares contends that bond money should be spent on fieldhouse facilities and showers for girls.

Ask coaches how many students actually shower at school after practice. Then do what makes sense.

That’s the stewardship that the community expects.

— Beth Llewellyn McLaughlin, Fort Worth