Letters to the Editor

Blame to go around

Bob Ray Sanders indicted the media for the Ferguson mayhem (“The media deserve blame in Ferguson mayhem,” Wednesday).

While I don’t disagree that the media’s coverage of events, and more importantly its forecast, share e blame for the rioting in Ferguson, there are other culprits who are more responsible.

First, individual lawbreakers bear the ultimate responsibility.

They were not protestors. They were criminals throwing rocks and bottles at police, firing weapons, destroying cars and burning businesses. Many were there to steal what they could under the guise of protest.

Second, irresponsible rabblerousers encouraged others to riot. These include Michael Brown’s father-in-law and the ever present Al Sharpton. “Talking heads” on TV come further down the list.

Third, politicians failed at their job of leading and, in this case, protecting the property, livelihood and lives of those in Ferguson. These include the governor, who didn’t employ the National Guard; the U.S. Attorney General, who aggravated the situation a month in advance; and the president, who provided lukewarm condemnation of the rioters.

Without even taking a position on the guilt of Darren Wilson or Michael Brown, there are many ahead of the media when assessing blame for the tragedy in Ferguson.

Write about them.

— Ralph Reece, Mansfield