Letters to the Editor

Wasted second chance

lifford Goodman’s letter defending Josh Brent missed the mark (“A second chance,” Tuesday).

He had a second chance, and didn’t learn a thing.

Driving drunk, no driver’s license, no insurance — just a stupid drunk who killed his best friend. He should have been required, as part of his probation, to attend a few meetings of Mothers Against Drunk Driving who have lost their loved ones because of the likes of him.

Of course, the victim’s mother is anxious for him to return to the Cowboys. That’s a no-brainer. He’s the gravy train for her and her grandson who lost his father.

Could you imagine Tom Landry welcoming this killer back? Then again, he had class, which is sorely missing from the Cowboys today.

Gil LeBreton got it totally right.

— Lorna Parker, Benbrook