Letters to the Editor

Sick day exemptions

Mansfield Independent School District’s policies encourage the spread of disease throughout the high schools. With flu season fast approaching, parents and students are worried more about attendance than health.

The current policy for students to be eligible for exemptions on mid-term and final exams has a strict attendance caveat. Students who are not absent more than two days and have at least an 80 percent in a class are allowed to opt-out of two exams per semester. These exemptions are priceless to students!

Many students seeking these exemptions often attend school while ill and hide their symptoms, infecting other students, as well as staff.

Even if a student has an excuse from a medical professional, the absence still counts against them for exemptions.

If a doctor says a student should not attend school, that student should not be penalized.

Some local districts have similar exemption policies that do not count medical excuses against students, while others have progressive policies that allow for more absences for students with higher averages in their classes.

If Mansfield ISD wants to keep their students and faculties safe and healthy, the exemption policy should be revisited and adjusted accordingly.

— Logan Smith, Mansfield