Letters to the Editor

Too young to vote

Laurence Steinberg (“Science says 16-year-olds are adult enough to vote,” Nov. 6) argued that 16-year-olds were mature to vote for elected office.

Did it ever cross Steinberg’s mind that some 16-year-old students have never had a course in government or civics?

Has he looked at the general knowledge level of national, state and local affairs of the average 16-year-old?

Edmund Burke said if you’re not liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. He also said if you’re not conservative later in life you have no mind.

Steinberg argues against himself when he cites studies that the adolescent brain may not reach maturity till 22.

Is this anything more than another ploy to gather uninformed votes for a feel- good program? The voting age needs to be 21.

People need to experience life before they vote.

I’ll bet anyone that if I approached 10 16-year-olds, they could not answer 80 percent of the basic civic questions I asked.

— Charles Andrews, Fort Worth