Letters to the Editor

Blame the city

Blame the city

Wednesday night after a “contentious and confusing” meeting, a mediation group approed the proposed TCU occupancy overlay ordinance that includes grandfathering existing rental property.

The grandfathering proposal goes before the Zoning Commission Nov. 12. A separate provision goes before the City Council concerning a “rental registration” necessary to enforce the grandfathering provision Dec. 2.

One passed before the other? Hmph! This is reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi passing legislation to see what’s in it.

As a single-family, owner-occupied homeowner, I feel that, we may/will get shorted in this proposal depending on what council agrees Dec. 2.

So far, single-family homeowners are losing the “stealth dorm” issue because of the “perpetuity” provision. At least so far.

Blame? The city allowed stealth dorms in single-family residential neighborhoods.

Perhaps any future approval for multi-occupant buildings being built should carry a provision that for everyone approved, one like structure must be built next door to the home owned by that Zoning Commissioner and City Council member.

— John Ludlum, Fort Worth