Letters to the Editor

Election reaction

As John D. Middleton pointed out in his letter to the editor, a whopping 19 percent of eligible voters in Texas elected the governor.


Regardless, I hope that the new governor governs with all Texans’ best interests in mind and not just for the select few who voted.

— Dora Gonzales, Arlington

The conventional wisdom among Democrats: “Democrats lost because of poor turnout.”

However, there is a contingent of Obamaphiles who, finding themselves dissatisfied with the president, could not bring themselves to vote for a Republican — therefore, stayed home.

— Bob Wymer, San Antonio

Is this a great state or what? Our governor-elect has stated that one of his top priorities for Texas is open-carry.

Who needs to worry about education, healthcare, poverty, Ebola, roads, equal pay or even the border when all of us get to be our old-time cowboy selves?

— Sam and Tricia Deitz,

Fort Worth