Letters to the Editor

Election lesson

After working another long day at the polls, I would like to offer some commonsense advice.

Please check on your voter status weeks before an election. Your registration is not always automatic with your driver’s license renewal.

If you are new to Texas, make yourself an informed voter on many levels. The rules are different in every state.

During the two weeks of early voting, you can vote in any polling location in your county. On Election Day, you must vote in your neighborhood precinct. That information is available online and in the local newspaper.

I’ve often thought that working at the polls should be similar to jury duty, and everyone should be recruited at least once so they appreciate the effort that goes into our wonderful democracy. Voting is a privilege.

Lastly, this election just demonstrates what kind of government money can buy. I had hoped to see some new faces, fresh ideas and more of a concern for our environment, education and the poor and elderly.

I know that Jesus did preach about jobs, jobs, jobs, according to some elected officials, but I think our priorities should be with creating possibilities for our young people in a clean state.

— Colleen Butterfield, Grapevine