Letters to the Editor

The Pope is Catholic

The Pope is not only Catholic, but this one is actually more Christ-like.

We have had many good, great popes even, in the past, but I’m certain that history will show that Francis will be one of the best.

So many conservative Catholics are not fans of his because he is doing something new; he is showing the world the image of Christ that so many other popes in the past have not.

Many popes only showed the hard-edged administration that so much of the faithful are comforted with. Francis is showing the life he’s lead which is one of being more Christ-like and pastoral than hard-line Catholics care for.

His main problem seems to stem from the conservative Catholic faithful who have made the Roman Catholic Church, and everything that has developed from it through the centuries, their god.

Being Catholic myself, I’ve seen how so many have focused only on the salvific act of Christ’s crucifixion and have either forgotten, or never knew in the beginning, the Lord’s personality and the issues he taught us in the gospels.

Francis knows that you have to be in dialogue first with people to reach them, not by driving them away.

— Larry Peplinski, Fort Worth