Letters to the Editor

Legitimate concerns

Melaine Lemley’s letter amazed me.

How can anyone call the fears of such a disease with a mortality rate of 70 percent, no gender, race or political preference as unwarranted? She calls the Republicans “fear-mongers,” when they are asking for a sound policy regarding travel to/from the affected area. This administration consistently contradicts itself and some of what is says defies common sense.

Look at the money and resources used here involving the limited cases thus far. “Self-monitoring,” is like a lawyer representing himself, a fool for a client and look no further than here and New York.

Sound policy regarding volunteers treating those affected would be to shorten their tour by 30 days where they would then go to a holding area for the remainder of their tour. This should allow them to then travel freely home and remove any restrictions.

Keeping this disease regional is common sense. Use of chartered flights minimizes public exposure and gets supplies and personnel to where they are needed. No one is questioning the generosity of those involved and “her party,” doesn’t have the corner on charity.

Has she extended her hands and said, “Send me”?

— Richard Lilly, Haltom City