Letters to the Editor

What people forget

Much has been made about Richard Greene’s op-ed in last week’s paper. All negative responses are not accurate or even true.

Bush admitted that Iraq did not have WMDs. True, but this was after we invaded Iraq and found no large caches of WMDs.

What has been lost is this: Saddam told his own military that he did have WMDs, if needed, to use during an invasion. The majority of the civilized world, including leading Democrats and Republicans also believed Iraq had WMD’s based on various countries’ intelligence services — not just the U.S. intelligence services.

Saddam violated the terms of the 1991 ceasefire for almost 12 years until we invaded Iraq and held him accountable. This alone was more than enough reason to invade and take him out. In that 12 years, he slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Iraq citizens.

The fact that Saddam for over 12 years would slaughter his own people and would not abide by the terms of his original surrender is the reason we went to war. 9-11 just gave everyone a heightened awareness of how what happens in the Middle East can affect what other bad groups may try to do.

— Brent Beal, Keller