Letters to the Editor

Keep station staffed

Meacham Airport is a gateway through which many of Fort Worth’s most influential and philanthropic people pass. The airport is undergoing tremendous and unprecedented growth, is an inherently high risk area and has the potential for the greatest dollar loss in a single fire/emergency than anywhere else in the city.

Fire Station 44, staffed with four firefighters, is the sole emergency response site dedicated exclusively to Meacham Airport. It would be preposterous to reduce staffing of Fire Station 44 to two firefighters. But that is exactly what has been proposed by the public “servants” who are paid with tax dollars.

If this misguided proposal is implemented, Fire Station 44 would be the only fire station in the city that is staffed with less than four firefighters and the two in/two out iron rule of firefighting would not apply. In the event of a Meacham Airport emergency, two firefighters responding would watch the emergency unfold from inside their fire apparatus for 5 to 15 minutes until two additional firefighters arrived on scene from a nearby fire station. Once four firefighters are present on scene, two could leave the fire apparatus and perform their sworn duty.

The efficacy of any emergency response decreases over time and the idea of firefighters spectating the earliest and most critical stages of an emergency while sitting inside a fire truck is absurd.

— Jeff Natterer, Fort Worth