Letters to the Editor

Gardens not appreciated

The article “A curiosity marked by beauty, tragedy,” on Sunday, Oct. 19 stressed that the Water Gardens is overlooked and under-appreciated. Some quotes: “relative obscurity”, “locals aren’t using it enough”, “need more people to enjoy it”, “not utilized near to its full potential.”

The Water Gardens are my most favorite thing in all of Fort Worth. It is the first thing I take my out of town guests to see. How could anyone not be impressed?

Recently after a guest returned home, she asked me to get some brochures about the gardens from the visitors center. She was having a hard time describing them to her friends. There was absolutely nothing about the Water Gardens in the visitors center. There was an abundance of literature, brochures and pictures about every other single thing you could imagine in Fort Worth Worth.

First you have to know it’s there. I’m convinced visitors would swarm to the Water Gardens if it got as much publicity as other Fort Worth attractions. I don’t know who holds the purse strings for advertising the Water Gardens but they need to get on the ball. Let’s not rely on folks to just stumble onto them any longer.

— Sue Williams, Fort Worth