Letters to the Editor

Offensive name

The controversy over the name of the Washington football team has died down a bit now that the football season is well under way.

But some of the 5.7 million American Indians and some non-Indians are still offended.

The argument seams to be that because the name has been around a long time that it is should not offend anyone. The “N” word has been around a lot longer than the Washington team and it is so offensive that we cannot spell it out although everyone knows what it stands for.

As an American Indian I have been called everything from “Blanket Ass” to “Feather Head” to, yes, Redskin. I find all of these names to be offensive.

Would anyone be offended if the NBA put a team in Mobile and called them The Alabama Coloreds? Would anyone be offended if NASCAR fielded a racing team called The Rednecks?

— HC Moore, Lipan