Letters to the Editor

Election letters: Senate District 19

Libby Willis has been inconsistent on her stand on American energy and the Second Amendment, trying to disingenuously “move to the middle” to get votes.

Voters aren’t falling for it. On the other hand, Republican Konni Burton has been consistent in her belief in pragmatic fiscal discipline and in the conservative principles Tarrant County voters hold dear.

Her stances on improving education, demanding transparency in government and keeping spending under control have resonated.

Konni plans to work collaboratively to end budget diversions, while prioritizing transportation and education spending.

There’s no doubt Konni will bring a fresh approach to problem-solving in Austin and a new energy to the Texas Senate.

I recommend readers vote for Republican Konni Burton for Senate District 10 — I am!

— Debra McDaniels, Bedford

Join independents, Democrats and mainstream Republicans in rejecting Tea Party extremism and voting for Libby Willis for Senate District 10.

As president of the Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods, Libby built a record of working with people to solve problems. We need problem solvers, not extremists, working for us in Austin.

Were Libby’s opponent to win, it would be the first time in decades that a Fort Worth resident has not served in the Texas Senate.

Libby will work to protect Fort Worth’s interests in Austin.

Vote Libby Willis for Senate District 10.

— Jason Smith, Fort Worth

As a pro-choice, women’s rights advocate who served as an Oakhurst Neighborhood Association officer with Libby Willis; I question Libby’s ability to be either inclusive or transparent.

Under Libby, most of us on the board have never been asked our stance on a single issue.

Libby boasts she “doesn’t answer to Barack Obama, Wendy Davis, the Texas Democratic Party or others.” Believe her!

Libby Willis answers to no one — not her president, not her party, and not her neighbors!

— Sharon Buse, Fort Worth

If elected, Libby Willis will be a carbon copy of Wendy Davis. Same liberal agenda, same dedication to throwing money at problems with the belief that more money will always solve a problem and her total disregard for the sanctity of life and so on and so on.

Willis was confrontational when addressing the Fort Worth City Council and disrespectful to council members and staff. She indeed would build coalitions — with unions of all kinds so that she could garner their votes and money.

The idea that Willis would be a bipartisan moderate would last as long as it takes her to drive to Austin.

Once there, you would certainly see her change. I urge all in District 10 to elect Konni Burton.

— Carol Guarnieri, Fort Worth

I served as an officer in the Oakhurst neighborhood association for several years and have worked with Libby Willis to forward the concerns of Oakhurst and Riverside for 10 years.

Libby’s top priority has always been the people of those communities.

She has worked tirelessly to match zoning with lot sizing, improve business zoning on North Sylvania Avenue and protect us from the expansion of Interstate 35W. She has always been on guard to protect our quality of life.

Elected as neighborhood president by the people of Oakhurst five times because she is a leader and a doer, Libby will be a champion in the Senate for District 10 families when given the chance.

— Simianne Hayden, Fort Worth