Letters to the Editor

Poor comparison

People who compare the seriousness of the Ebola virus and the flu totally miss the mark.

First, there are vaccines for preventing the flu and it can be found worldwide. Its mortality rate is much lower.

Second, Ebola is a regional medical issue. We have the capability to keep it regional.

By not closing our borders to that area we are at risk of bringing it here.

By the CDC’s own admission in testimony before a congressional subcommittee, a visitor could show no signs of the disease until they are here as was the case with Eric Duncan.

We currently have approximately 1,000 potential cases coming into the country weekly.

There isn’t an approved vaccine for Ebola. Everything is “experimental,” at best, and they are still talking weeks to months before trials or even contracts are awarded.

The mortality rate is now at 70 percent.

The CDC’s reliance on commercial airlines poses additional risks to passengers, employees, medical personnel and others.

The refusal to use chartered flights where more can be carried where and when needed confuses me and others.

— Richard Lilly, Haltom City

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