Letters to the Editor

Breach in protocol

We have heard a number of times of the breach of protocol at a Dallas hospital which caused a nurse caring for a terminally ill Ebola patient to contract the disease.

The first breach of protocol in my mind occurred when the president, Congress, the CDC and Homeland Security failed to contain the disease to the West African nations which were the source.

In any epidemic, containment is essential to prevent the spread of the disease worldwide, and in our case to the U.S.

Our elected leaders, and their appointees have known for months that the Ebola virus was exploding in Liberia and other West African nations. It only makes sense that only official travel should have been allowed out of those countries.

Private travel to attend weddings, anniversaries, funerals, reunions, etc. in the U.S. or in other countries for that matter should have been prohibited.

I believe that our leaders, elected and otherwise, were asleep at the switch; that is the most serious and the most grievous breach of protocol to date.

— Dr. Bruce K. Jacobson, Fort Worth