Letters to the Editor

Unfair assertion

With the loss of a loved one, there are so many emotions involved. Likewise, there are so many questions: “what if this was done” or “what if that was not done?”

As a retired nurse, I have seen this and experienced it personally in the loss of a loved one.

However, the statement made by a Duncan relative that “all the white Ebola patients in the U.S. survived and the one black man died,” does not fit in the “what if he were white” question.

Having worked in the healthcare field, I have seen patients with the same illness respond to treatment and others not be as successful. And not all treatment is recommended for every patient with a life-threatening illness.

I have a question: When Duncan took his landlord’s very ill pregnant daughter to a facility for treatment in Africa, she was refused treatment. Was it because she was black? I think not.

— Elsie Koppa, Crowley