Letters to the Editor

Real reason for base

Over the years I’ve attended reserve drill and deployed to war from Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth.

In fact, I well remember the day my unit moved from NAS Dallas to the former Air Force Base known as Carswell. It was a good move and seemed perfect for all the right reasons. The base has great facilities and it’s well suited to the roll of a huge reserve base.

One day I noticed F-16 fighter jets rolling out from the other side of the base, the side from which Lockheed-Martin produces fighters for our military and more importantly for foreign sales.

I then realized why Carswell became JRB Fort Worth. In a huge move of corporate welfare Carswell was saved under the guise of military efficiency.

What would Lockheed-Martin do without the public picking up the dime for the airstrip? Let’s call JRB what it really is, a gift to corporate profit and military arms sales on the backs of the taxpayer.

— James Harper, Fort Worth