Letters to the Editor

Why we teach

I take umbrage at Kay Keglovits’s letter, “Considering schools.”

She assumes that teachers of today are less than intelligent. There is so much wrong with her assessment.

As a former teacher, I chose my profession because I love children and I wanted to teach them.

Salary and lack of respect for the profession were disadvantages, but did not in any way influence my choice.

Teaching is a calling, not merely an occupation. The majority of teachers are in the profession for love of children and love of their calling. And most are good at what they do, in spite of all the stuff that gets thrown their way.

Simply because a person majored in math does not mean they will be good at conveying the information. Knowledge that cannot transfer into “how-to” is useless.

Teachers have quite enough on their plates without an armchair quarterback spouting opinion and criticizing them. Teachers’ hands are tied because of state law and state practices.

Reform the system from the root, but don’t disparage the teachers.

— Rachel McCasland, Keller