Letters to the Editor

Not a ‘water girl’

In response to Sue Williams’ letter, the lady attached to Gary Patterson’s hip is an athletic trainer. And she is exactly where she needs to be.

One of her functions is to provide water to the coach, but her main function at that time is to keep the players hydrated, to keep them from having heat stroke.

When a time out is called, the players gather around the coach. So, that is where she needs to be.

The towel is not for the coach, but for the players.

The lady is more than a glorified “water girl.”

During the game she will be the first one to evaluate the medical condition of the players, including concussions, fractures, dehydration, etc.

Pre- and-post-game, she is responsible for taping the players, applying braces, icing arms and physical therapy.

As the proud father of a student athletic trainer, I think it is important for people to understand how extensive and important their job is.

— John Minnerly,