Letters to the Editor

A better life

Millions of people come to this country looking for things their country will never offer.

No one is responsible for the country where they were born, but they are responsible for the country where they have a future and a life for them and their children.

Not all immigrants come to this country just to use the benefits offered. Many people come to this country to pursue a future and then spend the rest of their life giving back from the blessings they received by living in peace, by having a profession and by having a decent job.

My husband and I, as an example, came to this country years ago in hopes of finding the respect and the future we did not get from our countries of origin (Venezuela and Colombia).

We reached the goals we had in mind from the beginning and now not only my husband serves many people in the community as a family practice doctor.We also adopted a 4-year-old boy from CPS in Fort Worth.

We owe many of our achievements to this country. There are many others who come to the U.S. looking for a brighter future.

Please support their transition to a better life!

— Rosa Elena Curubo, Garland