Letters to the Editor

Waiting in line

Recently my 92-year-old friend went to her physician for her six-month checkup.

Her appointment was for 10 o’clock. She had prepared me for a long wait, as long as a hour to an hour and a half. It seems this has been common practice for years. Ninety-nine percent of the patients were in their golden years. Obamacare can’t be blamed.

I spoke with a RN who accompanied an elderly woman and asked her if this was usual practice for physicians. She was very emphatic that it was not. She was very annoyed and checked her watch frequently.

Recognizing that emergencies do come up, yet knowing this excuse is abused, I still don’t think overscheduling seems considerate.

At the same time elderly people must realize an appointment is for 15 minutes under new guidelines and it is wise to have an advocate accompany them to take notes or perhaps give input.

Elderly people in pain, as my friend was and is, should receive more consideration. We all will be aged someday.

— Bobbie Fleming, Arlington