Letters to the Editor

House District 94

Texas House District 94 candidate Tony Tinderholt is a frightening choice for Republicans and Democrats alike.

Yeah, Tony — let’s send those American troops directly into Mexico to fix this immigration situation.

As Tinderholt put it, “people are going to die. And it’s a sad thing to say.”

As the Star-Telegram put it, it’s also sad that Tinderholt booted out four-term Republican incumbent Diane Patrick, a public servant.

That leaves one choice for anyone who is not fond of extremists like Tinderholt.

The Star-Telegram recommended businessman Cole Ballweg, a moderate, pro-business Democrat.

I’d urge Arlington voters to do the same.

— Tim Smith, Arlington

Tony Tinderholt is an incredible veteran who has served his country twice!

He loves this state and loves his country!

He will do justice and serve House District 94 and stand up for what’s best for the citizens.

If the readers don’t know him, I encourage them to look him up and find out more about what he will do and what he stands for!

Please join me in voting for Tony Tinderholt.

— Jon Czarowitz, Arlington