Letters to the Editor

Tollway tirade

Regarding the new toll/express lanes open in northeast Tarrant County, I would like to go on record and say that it is a bad design. It will cause a least one regular traffic jam and many avoidable traffic accidents and deaths.

There is no increase in number of non-toll lanes.

Also, there are long stretches on 820 with narrow left shoulders bordered by steep-sided drainage ditches without guard rails.

And worst of all, exiting toll-lane traffic at the westbound termination going north on I-35W must now merge right two lanes while non-toll traffic going south or continuing straight now must merge left one lane.

All this merging in only given one-quarter of a mile!

What engineer designed this? What beaurocrat approved it?

Please post their names and phone numbers on a big sign along the highway so we can say thanks for the good work. And put it near the west end of the toll lanes cause we’ll have plenty of time!

This design obviously disregards safety and improved traffic flow solely to gain toll revenue.

We should demand better! Who gets all that toll money anyway?

— Dan Slemmons, Fort Worth