Letters to the Editor

Ending slavery

Some good news amidst the seeming endless barrage of crises:

This summer, the House of Representatives actually found something to agree on — human trafficking — and unanimously passed HR 2283, the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act.

I’m grateful for their leadership on a towering human rights crisis of our time and pray for more of the same.

Now the Senate has the opportunity to act on this bill, but this being an election year, time on the legislative calendar is running out.

This small but powerful bill would elevate the U.S. government’s Trafficking in Persons Office to a State Department Bureau, a change that would ensure human trafficking is upheld as a foreign-policy priority for the United States.

With no new bureaucracy or measurable cost, it would be a critical step forward in America’s response.

The Senate version, SB 1249, has robust backing with 37 cosponsors so far.

I hope Sens. Cornyn and Cruz join their colleagues in co-sponsorship before time runs out.

I know they care about this issue deeply, as do a multitude of Texans of faith and conscience urging they prioritize our fight against a horrific crime enslaving nearly 30 million people worldwide.

— Michael Pickering, Arlington