Letters to the Editor

Charity with principles

Thanks for a rare positive view of Southern Baptists and the Texas Baptist Men caring for the illegal immigrant children who make it across the border.

However, caring for illegal immigrants does not require a belief in open borders.

Christians live in two overlapping yet distinct kingdoms; God’s and man’s. God’s plan for Christians is to care for their neighbors, which is anyone you can reach to help, as exemplified by the Texas Baptist Men.

His plan for today’s Caesars is to promote the welfare of their countries and their people.

America was strongest when we believed our national welfare was served by controlled borders, a common language and a shared culture.

It is not contradictory or hypocritical to care for illegals while advocating that our leaders pass, follow and enforce immigration laws and policies that serve our national interests.

A healthy and prosperous America can be more neighborly than a weakened, overburdened one.

— John Flenniken, Willow Park