Letters to the Editor

Platform problem

William Brown of Arlington wrote in last Sunday’s letters that we need to make our voices heard to our elected representatives, urging them to do everything possible to stop the persecution of the Chaldean Catholics in Iraq.

Some folks who are concerned about the persecution of Christians are conservative Republicans, but Brown must be planning on voting Democrat this year, since the final party platform of the Texas Republican Party opposes all foreign aid “except in cases of national defense or catastrophic disasters.”

That’s saying, in effect — and among other ill effects — “so sad, too bad,” for oppressed minorities in foreign lands.

Brown would also have us contact the United Nations in that regard, but unless we want to pay more postage we had best do it soon, and even then we may not have much influence there if the Texas platform prevails, since the platform calls for the U.S. to resign from UN membership and expel the UN from U.S. soil.

You would think that the GOP would want to help persecuted Christians in foreign climes, but they say no.

Who would have guessed?

— David Greenlee,