Letters to the Editor

Honoring the infantry

An interesting article and photo in “Time Lines” on July 28, was about Camp Bowie and the 36th Infantry Division, Texas-Oklahoma National Guard.

But why do these stories always leap from the Thirty-Sixth’s deployment to France, directly to the Camp’s demobilization?

Why do these stories always skip over the 100th Infantry “Century Division” founded at Camp Bowie in October, 1918 as one of the National Army’s very first racially integrated divisions?

When reconstituted in 1921 with headquarters in West Virginia, the 100th erected a plaque honoring Fort Worth as its birthplace, but Fort Worth never seems to honor the 100th.

After meritorious service in Europe during World War II and Gulf War service, the 100th remains quite alive and well at Fort Knox, Ken.

— Jim Atkinson,