Letters to the Editor

Problem with unions

As a longtime American Airlines shareholder and frequent flier, it was encouraging to see the headline regarding American’s record-breaking profits. (See: “Strong earnings are forecast for airlines,” July 20)

However, I was quickly brought back to reality when I read Allied Pilots Association president Keith Wilson’s comments regarding future compensation for the pilots.

It was a strong reminder that excessive union demands in the past not only drove American to bankruptcy but most of the other major carriers as well.

While you would think the unions would have learned that a profitable and healthy company benefits everyone, Mr. Wilson’s comments reminded me that unions only care about their own interests.

Hopefully, the new American Airlines management team will be able to convince the unions that past behavior cannot be repeated if the current financial success is to be maintained.

However, I for one am not holding out much hope that the unions can change their way of doing business.

— Mike Morgan, Colleyville