Letters to the Editor

Voting is important

An interesting article appearing in the paper titled “Why incumbents always manage to get re-elected,” by Lee Hamilton, gives us points to consider.

This year’s election, both state and national, is a very important one. I urge everyone entitled to vote to do that. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so. And then go vote for the person you believe is the very best for that office, not just for an incumbent.

People who are continuously re-elected just because their name is on the top of the list doesn’t mean he/she is the best qualified person for that job.

If you are serious about whether this state is going to be a red state or a blue state you have got to vote.

This is a privilege that very few countries have.

Please honor the ones who fought for this freedom by studying the issues and vote for the one you feel is the very best.

Please don’t allow the abundance of money or the lack of it to affect your vote.

Remember one thing, sometimes the lack of one vote determines the election outcome. Please don’t be that one voter who didn’t take the time to go vote.

— Bettie Townson, Haltom City