Letters to the Editor

Border backlash

We’re asking what can be done about these children and teens flooding the borders? It’s easy.

If they were sturdy enough to come here unaccompanied by a parent, they’re sturdy enough to be sent back without one. If they came with a parent or adult family member, they go back with the same person. Not by expensive chartered bus, but by old school buses.

And where do they go back to? As far inside Mexico as possible. Mexico let them through, let Mexico deal with them.

You ask what about the little ones without a parent? If they’re under 12, they can go into foster care for adoption by a legal American family who will assume the responsibility of raising them as Americans. No hyphen.

As to the border itself, Gov. Perry, Texas has no history of waiting for the feds to do what Texans can do. Let’s build our own dang fence and to heck with the feds!

— Leah Walker, Fort Worth

I have to wonder if the people who will be on the bridges above Interstate 30 and Interstate 20 protesting the wave of illegal children at our southern border are the same people I see outside family planning/abortion clinics holding signs supporting family values and denouncing those choosing legal abortion.

— Tom Smusz, Brock

It is evident that the administration and our representatives in Congress are not going to do much to address the border crisis.

The illegals will continue to cross into the U.S.

Since a number of our representatives want the illegals to stay here, I think the best course of action would be to fly or bus them to Washington, D.C.

They could house them in government buildings and even some in the White House. They then would be close to the government officials who are responsible for this crisis and have the money and other resources to take care of them.

It then would be easier to manage the whole situation instead of all over the U.S., and would cost less money.

Also, it would force face-to-face discussions, and decisions could be made earlier.

— Donald Kneram, Fort Worth