Letters to the Editor

Troops on the border

My question is who is going to pay for the $12 million decision? The federal government?

Oh , the same federal government Perry turned down $200 billion in aid for the poor and low income of our state?

I’m sure they are so eager to jump on this (vote for me for president in 2016) man’s band wagon.

He didn’t even go through the proper channel with the White House before he sent the troops to the border.

Who does he think he is, the Lone Ranger?

Even sherif Lucio of Brownsville questioned what good they would do, along with the border patrol.

Perhaps Perry should have discussed his plans with the locals who live it every day.

— Diana Scott, Bedford

Our government, more than once, spent trillions fighting wars and bailing out the crooks on Wall Street and the taxpayers ultimately picked up the tab.

That same government is now questioning whether 3.7 billion to house and feed the border chil

dren who fled their country in desperation, looking for a safe haven. The same thing our ancestors did years ago.

What does it say about us should we turn our backs on these children?

Various groups and many churches have volunteered money, bought toiletries, clothes, food, the basic needs for these children. Together we can make life a little better for the children. This is what I believe God would want us to do.

— Helen L Martin, Bedford

Rick Perry has decided to send up to 1,000 National Guard troops to the border.

They can’t arrest anyone. The soldier are not law enforcers.

It’s going to be a useless paid summer vacation in the south Texas sun. But it will cost $12 million a month from Texas taxpayers.

The Legislature is going to have to either cut education funds or raise the sales tax to pay for the $150 million or so per year.

As a taxpayer I resent having to pay for a stunt Perry is conducting to get media attention in order to run for the Republican nomination for President.

— Richard Brewer, Fort Worth