Letters to the Editor

Happy memories

Robert Preston was not one of my favorite actors. He did, however, become one of those responsible for the popular exercise routine, “Go, you chicken fat, go!”

This routine was performed in my physical education classes for several years. (See: “Go, you ‘chicken fat’ song memories, go!” July 14)

Unlike the individual who describes this means of appropriate exercise as one causing nausea, I found my students having fun and enjoying it. We also sang along with Preston.

It is a pity one teacher was described in the article as “weighing about 400 pounds and sitting in a chair” while students exercised. How about those instructors who gave a darn?

Just another knock on the ol’ gym teacher who is serious when it comes to helping young people realize the importance of good health through good, rigorous exercises.

When I first saw the commercial and heard, “Go, you chicken fat, go!” I smiled and joined in with the singing. It brought back many happy memories.

I also thought how I hoped former Crowley school district students felt the same, and that a big smile had spread across their faces when this summer commercial came on.

— Nina Farris, Fort Worth