Letters to the Editor

Columnist critiques

I certainly saw nothing in Richard Greene’s column (“Political correctness run amok,” Sunday) addressing the vitriol and insults hurled by the right against anyone who dares to disagree.

Productive, respectful discussion of the issues and reasonable solutions will require both sides to lay down their verbal arms, and unfortunately, human nature being what it is, I don’t see it happening any time soon.

— Barbara Kennedy,


Opinions that columnist Bud Kennedy disagrees with are categorized as the Texas Republican party’s “rage,” “hate” and “attack” against certain policies and activities of our current federal government.

These sensational headline catchwords, I suppose, succeed in getting Bud more readers (worked on me).

However, these, along with the snarky content of his recent columns, place him on the “fringe” of the left, exactly equal to the “fringe” on the right that fires up his political columns.

A comment from any person, pamphlet, website or blog becomes the basis for painting all Republicans and conservatives with the brush of evil and mean spirit.

Among many examples, this:

A few people (delegates, spectators? Bud doesn’t say.) shout “No Amnesty” at the Texas GOP Convention, and the Republicans, of course, hate children.

I’ve been a registered Democrat in Tarrant County since 1968, and I remember liberal columnist Molly Ivins, who at least understood both sides, and knew how to make fun of the “powers that be” without leaving a bad “aftertaste.”

— Dave Nielsen,