Letters to the Editor

Let’s disagree

Reg Henry is right about human decency (see: “Maybe we should agree to disagree,” July 17) but he’s wrong to think we should all agree to disagree.

How does that solve anything? It can’t help but lead to, “Here’s to you and here’s to me. May we never disagree. If we do, forget you, here’s to me.”

As a conservative, I like disagreement. It slows down government overreach, and while disagreeing on a particular issue, each individual involved is growing, learning more and making ever-better choices.

Liberals can’t afford to let people think and act for themselves. It causes the government to be a smaller part of everyone’s life, which is what liberals used to believe in.

It’s almost insane how that turned around in 30 years.

Jimmy Carter was a very decent person as president, but his policies have proven to be arguably the second most disastrous in American history.

The holder of first place is currently trying to seal the record for posterity.

— Ralph M. Gill, Fort Worth