Letters to the Editor

Alternative medicine

Next week is National Osteopathic Medicine Week, and I want to send a shout-out to the physicians who serve us.

I am a child of osteopathic medicine — daughter, sister, cousin, aunt and wife. I grew up in the profession, and I routinely see osteopathic family physicians and specialists. They keep me in good health.

It’s hard to condense my thoughts about osteopathic medicine, except that it’s everything allopathic (M.D.) medicine is but more.

It’s an approach that says health, not disease, is the natural state of the body. You treat a well person to keep them healthy; you don’t wait until a problem — injury, disease, whatever — develops. And you don’t necessarily treat all problems with drugs, some of which mask the underlying problem.

Yes, D.O.’s rely on osteopathic manipulation, but they also use the full range of modern medical techniques.

Osteopathic physicians frequently practice in medically underserved communities — isolated rural towns and neglected poor urban communities.

The Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine was chartered by the state legislature in 1970 with the express purpose of training physicians to work in underserved communities.

Let’s support our local osteopathic school during National Osteopathic Medicine Week and all year long.

— Judy Alter, Fort Worth