Letters to the Editor

Wasting water

Memorial day is marked for the grand opening of Hawaiian Falls water park in White Settlement.

Millions of gallons of water will be wasted everyday. This waste will be to entertain / amuse 300,000 visitors around the year.

Texas is suffering from severe drought.

City of Mineral Wells has water sufficient only for 350 days.

What is the priority? To save water to help the west Texas drought?

Or to entertain 300,000 visitors?

When Congress is trying to reduce gas guzzling SUVs and minivans, why should the water guzzling water parks be allowed to operate? Who will benefit from the income and profits?

Do not argue about positive impact on income of city of White Settlement and surrounding area. The cost to a dying and thirsty city like Mineral Wells is much more.

— Hemant Pandya. Irving