Letters to the Editor

More help for vets

Friday’s editorial, “Fort Hood tragedy raises questions,” does precisely that, and they need to be answered.

Service in our armed forces is a dangerous occupation, what with the suicide rates and the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder and its ramifications to our soldiers.

Shuffling them around from base to base and redeployment exacerbates any mental problems our volunteers to service have suffered.

There needs to be more than a cursory litmus test before allowing enlistment, as evidence shows one in five military likely have some form of prior mental health treatment.

The government needs to fix this problem, do comprehensive mental evaluations and carefully monitor those on psych medications for adverse reactions, especially with multiple meds.

End the lackadaisical protocol at hand and serve our military men and women. They sacrifice for our freedom; we can surely sacrifice time and treatment for them.

— Fred Ream, Fort Worth