Letters to the Editor

Cattle theft

Reporter Steve Campbell (“Protecting Cattle,” Mar. 28) did an excellent job, but there is more to it!

Once law enforcement officers do their job and charges are filed, followed by a trial or plea, the perpetrator usually just gets probation with restitution paid through the probation office.

I have been a victim of cattle theft on several occasions, receiving very little compensation — and that at the discretion of the district judge.

One thief has paid about $50 in over five years involving a theft of 30 cows. Another thief stole $43,000 worth of cattle but has paid approximately half, and is now more than eight months delinquent.

If this man goes to prison, the law says I get no more restitution.

Texas has one of the worst brand laws in the west. Check the brand laws of other western states.

— Carter Fore, Breckenridge