Letters to the Editor

Education for all

It’s disturbing to see candidates’ comments about ending in-state tuition for students brought into the country as children without documents.

I can only assume that these politicians have not had any contact with any of the 200,000 estimated such students in Texas.

If they did, they would understand how government policies affect students’ lives.

They would know that these students didn’t just appear. They’ve been here. They’ve attended our schools.

Most came as children, and this is the only home they have known.

They’ve made sacrifices, just like millions of other immigrants throughout our country’s history. They came for the same reason as European immigrants did: the pursuit of happiness.

Texas spends $2 billion yearly (of the $94 billion budget) to educate students brought in as children.

Yet these politicians complain about $4,000 grants that allow those students to attend college.

A $2 billion investment is too much to throw away.

The Declaration of Independence says that all “are endowed with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

— Brad W. Bales,

North Richland Hills