Letters to the Editor

Voter integrity

So, Democrat State Representative Lon Burnam is contesting his defeat in the recent primaries because he suspects voter fraud and manipulation of the mail-in ballot process by his opponent.

I thought there was no voter fraud?

Don’t Democrats want to make it easier for voters to vote and any attempt to insure election integrity is “voter suppression of minority rights?”

And don’t they complain that Republicans want to maintain white control and prevent minorities from gaining office?

Burnam is white, his opponent is Hispanic.

Perhaps he and other Democrats who oppose Republican efforts to increase ballot integrity and prevent voter fraud, including voter ID, security of the voter rolls, and more security for mail-in ballots will see the light and join their Republican colleagues to pass appropriate legislation.

If, that is, Democrats don’t oppose ballot integrity because they see themselves as the beneficiaries of voter fraud.

— Daniel O’Connor, Euless