Letters to the Editor

Dansby performance

I completely disagree with the Star-Telegram editorial suggesting Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Walter Dansby receive a $10,000 bonus on top of his $338,817 salary, and by extension a vote of confidence from the School Board.

As mentioned, under his watch the number of low-performing schools has increased substantially.

Under his administration we have just one high school meeting state performance standards, micromanagement of things like school’s heating and air conditioning but apparently no management of certain worker’s overtime, and more than a fair share plans (like laptops or tablets for every high school student) guaranteed to waste taxpayer money.

Praise him all you like for pushing a major bond package through, but anyone can spend money and if anything Dansby should receive less until classroom overcrowding is reduced, teacher morale is raised and school performance goes up.

— Mark Metroka,

Fort Worth