Letters to the Editor

Execution alternatives

Drug manufacturers and pharmacies are pressured not to sell drugs for lethal injection.

Lawsuits are filed challenging untested drug regimens.

Giving someone an intentional overdose seems a simple way to kill, but it’s becoming politically complicated.

A humane alternative exists which would require only industrial supplies, not medications, and the services only of engineers, not medical personnel: inert gas asphyxiation.

The human body cannot detect the lack of oxygen; the discomfort of suffocation is triggered by an excess of carbon dioxide.

Having someone wear a mask or hood that caused him to re-breathe his exhaled air with the carbon dioxide filtered out, or putting someone in a chamber in which the air is replaced by pure nitrogen, will cause death without physical pain or distress.

If we are going to execute at all, surely a gentle death of passing out and never waking up is preferable to a return to hanging, poison gas, electrocution or the firing squad.

Why is this not being considered?

— George Michael Sherry,

Fort Worth