Letters to the Editor

AZ law misunderstood

The Arizona law mentioned in the Bob Ray Sanders column, “When it comes to bigotry, Arizona and Uganda are alike” on March 2, was about protecting constitutional First Amendment rights.

Contrary to the column’s characterization of this bill as being “anti-gay,” there was no mention in the actual vetoed bill of gays, lesbians or people of other sexual orientations.

How is the attempt to protect religious beliefs, even if these beliefs keep someone from providing services, “backward, bigoted, political leadership?”

Laws that protect religious freedoms are imperative in a time when religious rights are being trampled across the world and at home. The right to exercise religious beliefs should be more important than people’s right to have their picture taken, whether they be gay or straight.

As the discrimination card keeps being played, we fail to see the other greater rights that all, including the purported victims of discrimination, are losing.

— Maria Caero, Fort Worth