Letters to the Editor

Nasty campaigns

The incessant deluge of predominantly Republican political ads on television makes it evident that there is a correspondingly large supply of money being raised.

Although the Republicans have always railed about “special interests,” each of the large contributors will expect something in return.

This is not democracy in action, but rather about special interests buying access to whoever wins the Republican primary.

The sad fact is that the winners of most Republican primaries for statewide office will win the general elections later this year. The win-at-all-cost advertising has each Republican candidate trying to outflank the others on the farthest fringe of the right wing.

It is almost comical to see one right-winger attacking an equally conservative opponent as a “liberal.” Everybody seems to be running against President Obama, even though he isn’t on any ballot in Texas.

It is unfortunate that the campaigns have degraded into a contest of which candidate can be more mean-spirited than the other.

— Joseph Begnal, Fort Worth