Letters to the Editor

Water tower tales

As a homeowner living in the shadow of a water tower, literally, similar to the one Rex Tillerson and Dick Armey are attempting to stop, I would like to offer the benefits they will be missing and assuage their concerns.

Aside from the obvious benefit of having water, the water tower that was built approximately 1,000 feet from our home offers the security of great water pressure, shade from the western sun, and eliminated the view of ever- changing sunset replacing it with consistent, beautiful graphics of the Texas Star Golf Course.

Also, there is no noise from pumps either at night or during the day.

However, I'm certain that they won't have to be concerned with pictures shifting on the walls and cracks in foundations and walls caused by the impact of the pile drivers setting the piers as we did.

Relax, it won't affect your property value! That's what we were told. But, I had neither the funds nor the political connections to challenge the process.

— Larry Anslem, Euless